The HLCA has taken steps to ensure that the St Hugh’s Community Centre is COVID-19 Secure. This includes such things as ensuring that numbers are limited, installing hand sanitisers, and restricting hire to classes and small private business only (e.g. no parties or other “social” events). And in line with government guidance, all visitors are now required to wear masks while on the premises, and all visitors will be required to provide contact details for NHS Test and Trace.

We are now displaying our NHS Test and Trace QR code around the Centre to enable people to “log in” using the NHS COVID-19 app on mobile devices. More information in regard to how this works, or to download the app, please visit this page: You can read about what we do with your data in our NHS Test and Trace Privacy Notice, available online here:

For more COVID-19 information, please read our “HLCA – COVID-19 Guidelines” document, available for download below.

Downloadable COVID-19 Information

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