The Hall at St Hugh’s Community Centre is suitable for a vast range of events, such as private functions, children’s parties, youth activities, mother & toddler groups, keep fit/exercise & dance classes, arts & craft classes, senior citizens’ drop-in clubs, coffee mornings, social events, adult & youth educational classes, training courses, presentations, product launches, conferences & exhibitions, small theatre productions and other entertainments, etc.

It is soundproofed, and measures approximately 21′ wide x 30′ long x 11′ high (6.4m x 9.1m x 3.4m) – suitable for around a maximum of around 60 people. The entire Centre has a central heating system in place, and the Hall itself also has a ventilation system installed, with a boost button that you can use if required, so between them both you can be assured that you will be able to keep the Hall at a comfortable temperature during your event.

There is a built-in active powered speaker system available (at no extra cost) that you can plug your DJ-mixer, tape deck or iPod, etc. directly in to (we can provide the connecting lead for this if you do not have one – please be sure to let us know that you will require it), though you are welcome to bring along your own sound equipment if you want to.

Included when hiring the Hall are:

  • 10 x large tables – 31½” wide x 63″ long x 27″ high (80cm x 160cm x 69cm)
  • 8 x trestle tables – 24″ wide x 72″ long x 28″ high (61cm x 183cm x 71cm)
  • 100 x chairs

These are kept in a storage area adjacent to the Hall, so it can remain empty if you prefer.

Wi-Fi access is available upon request.

You also get use of our kitchen (subject to certain conditions – click here for more details), toilet facilities and outdoor areas.


St Hugh’s Community Centre is fully accessible to wheelchair users.

Further Information

Visit our Hire Rates page for full details of our current prices. You can also visit our Availability page for more information on what days and times the Hall is usually available for hire, as well as our Timetable page to see if it is actually available for hire or a specific date/time.

If you want to ask a question about hiring the Hall or Meeting Room, please visit our Hire Enquiries page, or if you have all the information you need and want to go ahead and make a booking now, simply complete our online Hire Application Form.

Some Important Notes!

  • The Hall is fitted with a noise limitation system that will shut down the power to all mains electrical sockets in the Hall if the volume gets too loud. This is set to a reasonable level, but you should be aware that people add to the overall noise level, so while playing music at a certain (loud) level at the beginning of your event with the Hall empty might not set it off, playing the music again at the same level later on with the Hall full of people just might. If you do happen to activate this noise limitation system, simply wait for 30 seconds, and the power to all mains electrical sockets will be restored automatically.
  • The Hall has a fire door that opens up onto our front garden area. While this may be opened earlier in the day to give access, or to increase ventilation on hot days, please note that it must be closed at 9:00pm, and stay closed for the remainder of the evening.
  • Only blue/white tack is permitted to be used to affix posters or small decorations, etc. to the walls, the use of gaffer/masking/sticky tape, pins, or anything else is strictly prohibited as it damages the paintwork.
  • We ask that chewing and bubble gum is not consumed on the premises.
  • Please ensure that all visitors to your event vacate the premises by the end of your actual booking time – if you need to arrange transport to pick visitors up make sure that it arrives in good time. Please remember that we are in a residential area so you must ensure that any visitors to your event leave quietly and peacefully so as not to disturb our neighbours.
  • You will be required to clean up after your event yourself – this is why we allow you the 30 minutes extra at the end of it. Please ensure that you leave the Centre in the same way as you found it when you arrived – clean & tidy. There is a supply of cleaning materials under the sink. If you require further products please speak to the person closing the Hall.
  • There will be a bin liner in all rubbish bins and toilet rolls in each cubicle. We will also provide you with one spare toilet roll per cubicle. If you require any further bin liners or toilet rolls you must provided these yourself.
  • Please understand that St Hugh’s is completely run by volunteers and everyone you deal with gives up their time for free.
  • All bookings are taken subject to the availability of volunteers opening/closing the Centre.
  • No alcohol may be consumed on the premises by anyone under the age of 18.
  • The St Hugh’s Community Centre is a no-smoking zone – smoking is not permitted either in or around the premises, in accordance with Government legislation.

See our full Terms & Conditions of Hire.

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