Our Mission

Our Mission:

“St Hugh’s Community Centre is here to provide a social, educational and recreational hub, incorporating the whole community’s ideas, needs and welfare”

Our Aims:

8 aims for our future and success have been agreed in consultation with local people. We have operated from a community flat provided by Affinity Sutton for most of 2010 and 2011 whilst the new centre was built and we now have the opportunity to resume and develop a full service for and with the community. Our success in meeting our aims will be especially critical in the first year of operation from 2012 to lay a platform for further achievements during and following the period of the business plan:

Aim 1: To involve and engage local people from all sections of the community as active users of the centre, in setting up their own groups and through maximising the use of local volunteers to lead and support centre based groups and activities.

Aim 2: To develop previous and new services and activities based on local need and our new facilities and via enabling the use of the community centre by all sections of our diverse community.

Aim 3: To achieve a balanced budget in year one and to thence develop a financial surplus to build a reserve and to enable further investment in the facilities at the new community centre.

Aim 4: To provide quality facilities which commercial and community minded organisations can hire to improve amenities and services for all local people and through partnership work including with Affinity Sutton and the Metropolitan Police.

Aim 5: To promote multi-cultural working, mutual benefit and understanding of different cultural, ethnic, faith, sexuality, disability, gender, age and racial groups across the area of benefit.

Aim 6: To provide facilities with our partners, which specifically address unemployment and educational needs, and provide support for the drugs and alcohol problems of the local community.

Aim 7: To develop recreational, developmental and educational services for local children and young people in partnership with other agencies.

Aim 8: To promote health advice, wellbeing and healthy living and help overcome isolation amongst members of our community.

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    The office at the St Hugh's Community Centre is open during the following hours:

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