Pilates Classes

Monday, 8th December 2014 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Mama Pilates


Has a busy Monday left you feeling drained? Why not pop to a Pilates class on your way home and spend an hour stretching, strengthening and relaxing.

Pregnancy Pilates – Monday 7-8pm

Suitable from 12 weeks through to birth to help keep you strong and flexible, whilst preparing your body for birth.

Beginners Pilates – Monday 8-9pm

Covering the basics of Pilates but also a great class for anyone with some experience who wants to strengthen their core and improve their posture.

Many people spend hours every day sitting at a computer, on a train or driving a car. Without adequate exercise, this often leads to postural changes, aches and pains – especially in the back and shoulders. Pilates works to strengthen the core muscles which in turn helps to support the back and reduce pain. It also works on joint mobility and promotes good posture which can be enormously beneficial for anyone. The beginners class is suitable for anyone completely new to Pilates or with some experience wishing to restart or improve.

Pregnancy is an exciting time when your body goes through enormous changes, with no two weeks being the same. Whilst it is a very special time, it can also prove challenging as your baby and bump grow. Pilates can help to keep you strong and supple as your posture changes, your pelvic floor is supporting an ever increasing weight and hormones loosen your ligaments.

The pregnancy class is specifically designed for women from 12 weeks through to birth. It aims to leave you stretched out and relaxed, enjoying a full hour dedicated to you and your body.

These classes are open to adults only.

The beginners class is open to anyone who has not been told by a medical professional that they should not engage in exercise.

The pregnancy class is suitable for anyone 12 weeks+ (having had their first scan) who has been given the go ahead to exercise by their midwife or GP.

Please bring your own yoga mat and a warm layer for the relaxation part of the class.

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