Clarion Estate Inspections

Back in November one of our local councillors, Cllr Marina Ahmad, visited the estate hoping to view some of the ongoing issues residents had raised, and we were accompanied by a few local residents and Jacqueline Simms, a Neighbourhood Housing Officer for Clarion. Both Marina & Jacqueline were able to see for themselves some of the problems, and both have promised to help get them resolved where they can.

We received an update from Jacqueline last week on progress so far – here is a summary:

  • Sewage – Clarion contractors visited at the end of November and we understand work is ongoing.
  • Pests – Reports of mice/rats. Pest Control agents Ark have inspected site and have recommended treatment to site which will included the bin areas. St Hugh’s will be placed on an ongoing service contract – this will mean that pest control treatment will be ongoing at this site.
  • A number of reports were in relation to damaged/dangerous paths & electric/bin cupboard doors – all these had contractors visit at end of November.
  • A couple of other individual tenant issues have also been addressed.

Fly tipping was also brought up in the visit – one area of confusion is that some areas of land are owned by Clarion, and some by the London Borough of Bromley. Jacqueline was able to confirm that the land adjacent to 40 Castledine Road (one of several areas identified as a frequent fly tipping site) is owned by the London Borough of Bromley.

If you see rubbish dumped please report it:

In either case, you should take photographs if you can, and keep a note of the date & time you reported it, along with any reference numbers given. If you have reported an issue and you feel that there has been no response, or if need assistance using either of these services then please let us know and we’ll do what we can to help.

Clarion are due to visit for another Estate Inspection on Monday 17th December – we’ll update you with any progress. Again we received notice only a few days before – we have raised this several times with them asking for more notice and to ensure they do what they can to inform the residents of these visits. If you want us to send you a text message notification of any future visits when we receive information about them, please email and include your Name & mobile number.

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